How it Works

1. Request a pickup in the app. Set your pickup location and destination, choose the size of the vehicle that’s right for you, and let us know when you’d like us to show up.

2. When we arrive at your requested time, we will load your items and secure them safely. Then we’ll meet you or a designated person at the destination.

3. At the destination, we’ll unload your items and put them where you want them.

4. Once the delivery is complete, you can rate and tip your driver.

Frequently Asked Questions
PDQ Pickup is an app that lets you move, haul, and transport just about anything. We connect people with trucks with people who need a truck and an extra set of hands.
We can move almost anything. This includes furniture, televisions, exercise equipment, potted plants, and even that big pile of junk you’ve been meaning to put in storage.
As soon as you book your pickup, you’ll see a confirmation of your booking directly on the app. The app will also notify you once your driver is on his way.
The price depends on the vehicle you choose, the miles between pickup and drop-off, and the time spent loading and unloading. There is no minimum labor time, so if it only takes five minutes to load your items, you’ll only pay for five minutes. You’ll see the estimated cost when you request a PDQ Pickup.
All of our drivers have passed a comprehensive background check. But if your property is damaged, please contact support at 310-651-4203 to open a claim.
Yes, someone must be available at each location. This can be you or someone else.
No. Passengers are not allowed to ride with drivers.
Pretty damn quick.