What We Move

  • Furniture

  • Retail Deliveries

  • Appliances

  • Office Relocations

  • Parcels,
    Bouquet, Big Items

  • And More

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Vehicle Type
  • Pickup Truck

  • 24' Box Truck

  • 10' Box Truck

  • Cargo Van

Become A Driver

Earn money driving your pickup truck, cargo van, or box truck. As a PDQ Pickup driver, you’ll earn a competitive hourly rate and set your own schedule. Each gig comes with a guaranteed payment amount that you’ll see before you decide whether or not to accept the job. Best of all, you’ll be paid weekly directly through the app.


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How It Works

Courier Selected

Task-courier matching identifies the best person to carry out a delivery.

Delivery Requested

Customer or Retailer can use our platform to request a delivery.

Package Picked Up

Courier collects the packages from merchant(s) using their own vehicle or one rented through PDQ

Package Tracked

Full routing and delivery notification for customer and merchant.

Package Delivered

All orders are provided with a Proof of Pickup(POP) and Proof of Delivery(POD)

Our Services

PDQ Pickup

On-demand, same day pickup and delivery service
  • Powered by an intuitive, user-friendly platform for customers and drivers
  • Utilizes pre-screened gig drivers to fill the demand for orders
  • Scheduled or On-demand, Same Day or Future delivery
  • Vehicle rental available
  • Single and multi-stop order capabilities
  • Specialize in delivery of big, bulky, and odd-shaped material

PDQ Logistics

Premier transportation and logistics services
  • Transportation logistics providers
  • Experts in last-mile services for big/bulky deliveries
  • Scheduled pickup and delivery
  • Adding capacity to existing networks
  • Providing partners with flexible fleet and driver resources
  • Same-day capabilities with 24x7 operational excellence

PDQ Fulfillment

On-demand, same day pickup and delivery service
  • Local Cartage - Business to business or residential shipments
  • Convention Services
  • FTL/LTL Shipping
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Warehousing & Distribution
  • E-Commerce Fulfillment
  • Retail Distribution